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Small Kitchen Remodeling


Small kitchen remodeling requires innovative ideas and expert installation. Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros are a small kitchen contractor that can meet all your needs. We are specialists in making the most of the small spaces often found in home, apartments and condos in New York City and New York State.

We will bring you ideas for your small kitchen that make the space bigger than it seems, with the décor touches you desire. Small kitchen design requires the kind of expertise we have, since any small mistake will stand out in a small space.

Working with you, we begin by determining how you will most use the space, whether that’s meal preparation, as a dining area, as a gathering spot, or a combination of more than one purpose. If the space is particularly tiny, your small kitchen remodeling may have to be focused on creating the ideal space with a single focus, like meal prep.

We can also show you kitchen remodeling before and after concepts that will bring you small kitchen inspiration. We have small kitchen storage ideas, small kitchen with island ideas, and more.

Here are just a few ways we make sure your small kitchen remodel will be everything you want.


These are key components in any kitchen, and small kitchen cabinets have to make maximum use of the space. They have to provide storage and prep space, and fit together with your appliances to make your small kitchen pleasant for the cook.

We have small kitchen cabinet ideas for every taste. We can design cabinets that go to the ceiling, or build in open space at the top of cabinets for storage. How about a narrow, wrap-around cabinet built around your fridge, with space for spices and condiments? We can also add cubbies above your range hood or window, and with the addition of a stylish stepstool, or a rolling ladder, every inch of your kitchen will be utilized. 

Another small kitchen cabinet idea is to have open storage spaces like pot hanging racks, open shelving, and magnetic holders for knives and spices. Even a few hooks underneath the upper shelving can add space for hanging mugs, utensils, or a holder for your tablet with all your recipes. These open concepts create storage but also make a small kitchen seem bigger.

Kitchen remodeling cabinets will be one of our most important discussions.

Kitchen Island

Everyone dreams of having an island, so don’t abandon your small kitchen with island ideas! Even with limited space, the concept of an island can work. If you let us handle your small kitchen remodel, we have some unique solutions.

One possibility is to add a short peninsula at the end of a counter. Cabinets or shelving underneath can add to your small kitchen island storage ideas. Or, tuck stools underneath and it becomes a breakfast nook, or a spot for the kids to do their homework while you prepare supper. 

Or, we can design a cart that rolls away and can used in another room, like the dining room during entertaining. Add a butcher-block to the top and it becomes additional prep space. Even a bar car will work as another small kitchen cabinet and storage idea.


Small kitchen storage ideas are especially important. Making use of every inch of space is vital. Our small kitchen remodeling ideas will bring fresh perspective to your space. 

Perhaps you’d like to remove a wall to open the space, but that will impact storage. We can connect spaces like a kitchen and dining area with a pass-through in the wall. That opens both rooms, but still allows space for small kitchen storage ideas in the wall space that remains, and can even serve as a breakfast nook.

We can build an appliance area with a door, allowing you tuck away a toaster, coffeemaker or blender, and keep your countertops clear. Clutter can make any kitchen seem smaller.

As an expert small kitchen contractor, we have other ideas for your space. 

Use glass and mirrors to add the illusion of space. Small kitchen cabinets with glass doors make the space look bigger than solid doors. Glass creates a feeling of space because you can look through it. Mirrors hung strategically and even backsplash can create the same impression.

Choices for accessories like stools are important too. Opt for low-profile stools as large stools take up visual space as well as actual space. Backless stools can tuck under the peninsula, island or counter to save space.

We’ll work with you on the ideal lighting to make your space bright and functional. Color choices for walls, flooring, countertops and cabinets are all important kitchen remodeling ideas when you’re working with a small space. Light colors can open the space, but dark colors work too, warming the area and providing an interesting mood.

Color blocking your cabinets can create space deception, too. Dark bottom cabinets and white top cabinets can make it seem like there aren’t any high cupboards.

If your kitchen is exposed to the rest of your living space, blending the colors will make the space seem bigger, as part of the surrounding area. A table that sits between the two areas can be both prep space and dining space.

We have the small space expertise to make your small kitchen remodel dreams come true. So when you’re looking for the best small kitchen contractor, look no further than Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros.