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Island Installation


One of the most popular additions or re-designs in a kitchen remodel is an island. Whether or not you currently have an island, your kitchen island is a key component of your space.

Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros are expert kitchen island installation contractors and we have the expertise to accomplish any number of kitchen island designs.

If you already have a kitchen with an island in your home, perhaps you want to change it. Maybe you’d like to make it more functional, by adding a sink, a power source, or even a stovetop. 

If you don’t currently have an island, and you’re looking for kitchen island ideas, look no further than Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros. The island in your kitchen makes a design statement as a front-and-center piece in your home, so you want to get it right.

Here’s the kind of expertise our kitchn island installation Brooklyn tem bring to kitchen island designs.

Kitchen island design

We’ll work with you to determine the ideal size for your kitchen island design. At a minimum, we suggest about 4 feet by 2 feet, but we can work with you to make your kitchen island big or small. And size doesn’t just mean the countertop space. 

We also help you with the kitchen island design that clears around your kitchen island with seating, to ensure workflow when you’re preparing meals, cleaning the kitchen, or emptying the dishwasher. You also want to be sure there’s enough space for the inevitable kitchen traffic, and to make sure doors and drawers can open easily. 

Then, with you kitchen islad design, there’s the height of the island, with a suggested height of at least 3 feet. Once again, we’ll work with you to determine the ideal height for your kitchen island with seating and storage needs. We can even create a multi-level kitchen island desing, adding a seating bar on one side. Or if you and your spouse are very different in height, we can design an island that’s a different height than the other counters to accommodate both of you.

Don’t be deterred by your space, as a kitchen island can work in a small space as well because we can help you design a small kitchen island with seating. We can add a small peninsula to a counter, for instance, creating extra space for prep work, seating or storage. We can design a rollaway cart that works in small kitchens. Even a bar cart or rolling butcher-block topped island can work in the small kitchens often found in Brooklyn and all boroughs of NYC.

Kitchen Islan design

You’re not restricted to only having a rectangular island. Working with you on the function and size possibilities, we can help you with kitchen design L-shaped island or a kidney-shaped island, or an attractive peninsula added to an existing counter.

Small kitchen island

Brooklyn has a large number of small kitchens. From apartments to small houses, small kitchen installation in Brooklyn is a common project for our kitchen remodeling company. With the right design, even a small kitchen can have a small kitchen island with all of the necessary functional features.

We know that you want your small kitchen island to be attractive, but you also want it to be functional. As expert kitchen remodeling contractors, we work with you to determine how you will use your island.

Perhaps you’re simply looking for additional counter space for meal preparation, with storage in the form of cabinets or shelving below. Or, you may want a cooktop on your small kitchen island, changing the arrangement of your appliances to create a better workflow. 

We can help with electrical and plumbing designs to add power outlets for coffee makers, or install a sink in the island. We can add cabinets, drawers or shelving to add to your space. We can create a rolling island, or design an island that can also serve as a table.

Even with a moving island, or a peninsula added to the counter, the conversation starts with the intended function or functions for the space.

kitchen island with Seating

Kitchen island with seating is another decision. Some cooks don’t like to have people watching them in the kitchen, so the island is designed as a workspace and not a gathering space. 

Others like the option of having the island as a place to entertain guests, or for the kids to sit and do homework. If you’re in a small home, extra seating added to your kitchen island space can be a real bonus.

And then you have decisions around the design of the kitchen island to accommodate seating. One side of the island can be raised to create a space that’s distinct from the cooking space, and stylish high stools can be lined up along it. 

In a small kitchen, you may want backless stools that tuck under the island. They don’t take up as much visual or actual space. Or maybe you want an island that’s the same height as your dining table, so you can use the same chairs in either space.

Whatever you decide about kitchen island with seating, we’ll design an island that accommodates your wishes.


We don’t just manage the design of the island itself. We also work with you on important factors like power sources, for toasters, coffee makers or electric frying pans. Or we can install plumbing to add a sink. And then there’s lighting. You want to be able to see to work at your island.

We can discuss exciting kitchen island lighting ideas like pot lighting, pendants, and dimmers to allow you to create a mood – bright for meal prep and romantic for mealtime. Track lighting, lit shelving, and under-cabinet lighting are other unique ideas we bring to your kitchen island design.

There are also many possibilities for countertop surfaces, island color schemes, backsplash color and design, and more.

The only limit is your imagination. When you use Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros, you know you’re getting the best contractor for kitchen remodelling, and the company that will make your dreams a reality. Contact us today to create your dream island in your kitchen.