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Kitchen Cabinets Installation


Your cabinets will be one of the most important features in your kitchen remodeling, so it’s important to get them done right.

As top contractors for kitchen remodeling, Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros can handle any type of kitchen remodeling of cabinets. We have over 17 years of experience and are NYC licensed. We also have the best kitchen cabinets ideas to make your kitchen everything you’ve imagined.

Cabinets have to be functional, providing countertop space to allow for meal preparation. They have to provide adequate storage in the form of shelving and drawers. They need to be durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. And, they have to be attractive, as the focal point of your kitchen.

Combining our expertise and your kitchen dreams, your kitchen cabinets design will be top-notch.

Whether you’re looking for a complete re-build or interested in discussing kitchen cabinets refacing, we have the expertise to create a kitchen with cabinets that meets your needs.

Kitchen Cabinets Contractors

We are kitchen cabinets contractors who know what we’re doing, so we’ll discuss design, materials, and even color. If you can’t decide on one color, a two-toned look is also attractive. A dark color on bottom cabinets and a light color on top cabinets can open up a small kitchen space. You can paint the shelving on the upper cabinets to match the color of the lower cabinets, bringing the two spaces together. Or, an eclectic mix of color and natural wood provides a unique finish.

Others prefer to choose the classic look of white cabinets, which open up a room by reflecting natural light and brightening up your space. Color can then be added in other areas like backsplash above the cabinets to provide contrast.

Cabinets that match the wood used in the rest of home provide a complete look. Even the hardware choice for your cabinets is an important decision, as you can have fun with different colors and designs for your door handles and drawer pulls.

It seems a kitchen can never have enough storage, so in any kitchen remodeling cabinets are important to the design. Cabinets with unique storage ideas are ideal in any size of kitchen. Combining shelves, drawer space, cabinets with doors or open cabinets, we’ll make the kitchen with cabinets that you desire.

Open shelving or glass doors can accent distinctive spaces in your kitchen. Corner cabinets and those that wrap around appliances can make the most of every inch of your kitchen. Cabinets can go right to the ceiling to maximize storage, or choose to keep an open space at the top to allow for display of unique décor objects or store items that you want to show off. 

Cabinets are also a consideration if you choose to have an island. You can mix seating space with cabinet space, opt for full cabinets on your island, or combine cabinets and shelving. 

Unique cabinet design ideas include special shelving for recipe books or to hold electronics. Cabinets can be designed to hide away small appliances, such as a cabinet for a toaster and coffee maker that closes up to keep countertops free of clutter. A full wall of cabinets maximizes storage and allows the rest of the kitchen to have different features, or be left open and uncluttered.

Kitchen Design

Your kitchen design should accommodate appliances as part of your cabinet design. For instance, the cabinet where most of your dishes are stored can be built above the dishwasher, making kitchen chores easier. You can even choose appliances in a color that matches your cabinets, creating a sleek, modern look.

The top of your cabinets is also an important consideration. Your countertop is an important part of your kitchen cabinets design, providing workspace, storage space, and of course color and décor to make your cabinets stand out. 

And your choices are many. Wood countertops can be a rich addition to your kitchen. A thick butcher-block top can make an island stand out, and provide an accent to the remaining countertops. Or, choose wood throughout the kitchen to give you easy fixes to scratches or stains.  

Other modern choices include granite, quartz, marble, stainless steel or even concrete. And of course laminate remains an ideal choice that comes in a multitude of colors and surface textures. White cabinets with white countertops will really brighten a space.

If you’re looking to do kitchen remodeling on a budget, we can explore options other than a completely new set of cabinets. We can discuss kitchen cabinets refacing, kitchen cabinets refinishing, and we are also expert kitchen cabinets painting contractors. If you’re interested in kitchen cabinets for cheap, we will work with you to meet your budget needs.

Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros are also experts at small kitchen makeovers. We know that in NYC and area, homeowners are always interested in small kitchen cabinet ideas. We will work with you to find small kitchen cabinets that suit your tastes, budget and space.

And we can even create a special theme for your kitchen, like a farmhouse kitchen or a charming country kitchen. 

If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets contractors in your area, or wondering “Who are the best kitchen cabinet painting contractors near me?” – the answer is Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros. We have over 17 years of expertise as Kitchen cabinets contractors, so contact us today to handle all your kitchen remodeling of cabinets.