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One of the busiest rooms in any house is the kitchen, so it’s important that your kitchen serves your needs and the needs of your family.

One of the biggest jobs to undertake in your home is any type of kitchen remodeling. So the key component of a successful project is finding expert kitchen remodeling contractors to handle the job. Kitchen remodeling is not a task to be taken lightly. That’s why your top choice is Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros, with 17 years of experience and the expertise to take on any job.

Whether you’re looking for kitchen remodeling of cabinets, or you’re looking to do your kitchen remodeling on a budget, we can handle any job, however large or small. We can bring you fresh ideas for your kitchen, including small kitchen spaces. And we are NYC licensed to give you peace of mind when choosing us over other kitchen remodeling companies.

Whatever the dreams are for your kitchen when you’re wondering: “where can I find experts in kitchen remodeling near me?” – look no farther than Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros. Our 17 years in the business make us the top choice among contractors for kitchen remodeling.

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Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling

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Your kitchen gets used every day, usually more than once a day, and by almost everyone in the family. So you want it to be functional.

It’s also vital to keep your kitchen up to date, with décor and appliances that also make it attractive.

That’s why when it comes to kitchen remodeling, you need to be sure you get kitchen remodeling contractors that will create a kitchen you love.

Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros have just that expertise, and 17 years of experience as NYC licensed contractors. We can work with you to develop a plan for your kitchen. We can add new lighting, or change the arrangement of the appliances. Perhaps you want completely new cabinets, or to paint or reface the ones you have. Maybe you want to add an island or remove a wall to open the space.

There’s no end to the kitchen remodeling ideas that are possible when you work with us. Here are a few ways we can work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams:

  • Kitchen Design: Starting with the layout of your kitchen, we will examine the best design for your space. Concepts like adequate counter space for cooking preparation, walkways to ensure more than one person can work in the space, and the height of countertops are all important. Where are the appliances best placed, to ensure ease of use and movement in the kitchen? We have kid-friendly ideas like breakfast nooks, snack stations or message centers. When remodeling the kitchen, we know the steps to take.
  • Kitchen Cabinets Installation: Kitchen remodeling often involves cabinets. This can be a big job but expert kitchen remodeling companies like us can handle it. Perhaps you want a complete cabinet re-design, tearing out the old and replacing with new. Or, if you’re interested in kitchen remodeling on a budget, we can look at new facing, or even paint or other touch-ups to make your cabinets look like new. You may want additional cabinets in an existing space, or some cabinets removed to open the kitchen space.
  • Kitchen Islands: If your kitchen doesn’t yet have an island, this is a popular addition, or one to include in a kitchen re-design. As experienced contractors for kitchen remodeling, we can provide advice on island design, such as installation of power outlets, sinks or even cooktops. Or maybe you want to look at a moveable island in a smaller space.
  • Small Kitchen Remodeling: That’s another area of expertise. As NYC licensed contractors, Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros have particular experience with small kitchens. We have ideas to make your space seem bigger and brighter, with an average kitchen remodeling cost that will fit your budget.

Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros can handle any kitchen remodeling project you have in mind. And if you’re wondering, what is the average kitchen remodeling cost? We will work with you to ensure it fits the needs of you and your family. So next time you ask: “What’s the best company for kitchen remodeling near me?” – remember to call Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros.

Small Kitchen Remodeling

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A quality kitchen remodeling contractor in Brooklyn knows how to make the most of a small kitchen.

With small spaces common in New York City and New York State, Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros are experts at small kitchen remodeling. We will work with you to generate kitchen remodeling ideas that make your space stand out, whatever the size.

We’ll help visualize your kitchen remodeling before and after, to ensure your small kitchen design is exactly what you need.

Your small kitchen remodel can include small kitchen cabinet ideas, small kitchen storage ideas, and even take the leap to a small kitchen with an island. Here are just a few of our ideas for your small kitchen:

  • In kitchen remodelling, cabinets can be key. Instead of small kitchen cabinets that close in the space, consider open storage ideas like open shelving, pot hanging racks, or magnetic spice holders.
  • Add the “illusion” of space by using glass, such as with glass cabinet doors, or a glass counter or table. Glass allows you to look through objects, creating a feeling of spaciousness.
  • The same illusion of space can be accomplished with mirrors or a particular choice of backsplash.
  • An island is great for prep space and extra storage, but can be difficult in a small kitchen. We can work with you to design a small-scale island or, even a cart that can be rolled away or used in another room like your dining room when entertaining.

A small kitchen remodel has to be planned and executed to perfection. That’s because each inch of space has to be used most effectively. As an expert small kitchen contractor, we will work with you to design your space.

We’ll start by determining how you use the space, to ensure the end result meets your needs. Your small kitchen may have to be focused on meal preparation, and can’t also serve as the dining room, homework station, or storage area. If your main goal is cooking, that’s what the final result will accomplish.

But we can also make your small kitchen so much more. A short peninsula added to a counter can allow the kids to sit and do their homework while you prepare supper, for instance. Bar stools that tuck away when not in use can add space to your seating area.

And storage can be added in unique ways, with extra cabinets that go to the ceiling, and cover every unused inch of the wall if necessary.

Even the choices for lighting, flooring color and material, paint for walls and cabinets, black-splash color and finish, and countertop material and color will impact the final design. We know what works in small spaces, and you know what you like. Together, we’ll make the kitchen you want.

The average kitchen remodeling cost doesn’t have to break the bank, either. We will work with you to accomplish the best remodel for your budget, and a result that makes your kitchen dreams come true. When you’re looking for the best small kitchen contractor, look no further than Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros.

Kitchen Cabinets Installation

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When considering a kitchen remodeling, cabinets are often at the top of the list for replacement. At Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros, we have kitchen cabinets ideas for every kitchen and every budget. As expert contractors for kitchen remodeling, we know that cabinets are a key part of your kitchen.

They must be functional, providing the right amount of workspace on the countertop, as well as storage below. They must be attractive, to fit with the rest of your kitchen. And they should be durable and long-lasting.

In kitchen remodeling, cabinets can be the most important aspect of the job, reflecting the wishes of the homeowner and the expertise of the contractor.

Whether you want a complete overhaul, a kitchen cabinets refacing project, or simply kitchen cabinets refinishing job; whether you’re looking at kitchen remodeling on a budget or you’re searching for small kitchen cabinet ideas, Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros has the expertise for any job involving a kitchen with cabinets.

Here are just a few ideas we can bring to you to ensure your kitchen cabinets design is everything you want.

If you cook a lot, and need lots of storage space, we can work with you to maximize every inch of your kitchen. A kitchen cabinets design that makes use of your entire kitchen will serve you well into the future and create excellent resale value for your home.

For instance, maximize a corner space by installing a corner cabinet that sits out of the way but makes full use of that awkward space. Or, create a wraparound shallow cabinet around your fridge, providing storage for items like spices and condiments.

Quality kitchen cabinets contractors will work with you on design, and then the color choice is also important. Add light by opting for white cabinets, which reflect natural light and brighten up your space. Others prefer a modern look, with mixes of black and gray in the kitchen. Still, others want the rustic feel of natural wood, which comes in a variety of colors and shades. Cabinets don’t all have to be the same color, either.

Small kitchen makeovers can easily be accomplished as well. In a smaller space, combine cabinets with open shelves to optimize the space but leave it feeling open. For instance, you can choose to line the bottom of the kitchen with cabinets and line the top with shelves, which will create depth and open space with your small kitchen cabinets.

And a makeover doesn’t have to mean all new cabinets. We are experts in kitchen cabinets refacing, and we are kitchen cabinets painting contractors as well. Even if you’re looking for kitchen cabinets for cheap, we can work with you to ensure your kitchen meets your wishes and your budget. Whether you’re wondering who is the expert kitchen cabinets contractors in the area, or you’re asking who is the best kitchen cabinet painting contractors near me, the answer is Brooklyn Kitchen Remodeling Pros, with over 17 years of expertise in ​creating a beautiful kitchen with cabinets.

Kitchen Islands

Bergen County Carpet Cleaning Pros offers area rug cleaning services in Bergen County NJ. We have been servicing Bergen County for over 20 years with quality service and affordable prices. Call today to schedule your appointment!

Most individuals own at least one area rug – whether you are a college dorm student, a homeowner, an office manager, or anywhere in between. These rugs are relatively popular, as they can be small or large in size and used to provide a pop of color to a room or accent an armchair. They can be credited for making a room more welcoming or providing an atmospheric value that someone may feel is missing. 

That being said, these rugs often end up with quite a few stains. They and often get dirty very easily. They are often placed in central places, meaning it is easy for dirt to be tracked onto them. Furthermore, the likeliness for substances such as drinks and food to be spilled onto the carpet is much higher. 

Often, when these carpets are dirty and stained, many individuals decide to dispose of the carpet and purchase a new one. However, with our professional carpet cleaners NJ expertise, we are able to revitalize the carpet itself using deep cleaning methods to penetrate any problem areas. The overall life of the carpet, typically, is greatly increased by regular cleanings. 

While many feel that a simple vacuuming should do the trick, they are unaware that the dirt and stains often settle into the padding of these rugs, beyond where the vacuum is able to reach. Our services will ensure that even small rugs are cleaned to the utmost extent. This should provide you with many more years of use, along with increasing the vitality of the carpet. Furthermore, regular cleanings are often able to revitalize the colors of the carpet itself, allowing it to provide your home with that pop of color you initially purchased it for. Our professional carpet technicians will assist you in understanding when to schedule regular carpet cleaners in Bergen County NJ.​

We’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to our good friends at Lakeland Carpet Cleaning and Bloomington IL Carpet Cleaning who we’ve known for many years now. If you need your carpet cleaned, give them a call! 

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